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Travel/Career/Projects Based CV

  • 02-05-2021 5:10pm
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    Hi I'd like to get some feedback on this if possible.

    I've mostly worked as the title says in contracts based on projects and when the projects complete I move on. I have been offered roles many times but if it didn't fit, I left with a good reference.

    I have also spent a fair bit of time travelling and living in other countries. That has had another effect - when companies let go staff, I often was told that other staff with mortgages, kids etc. would be prioritised. So apparently the fact that I haven't created a life of debt makes me less 'worth keeping' if a company gets into trouble.

    One piece of feedback I got from a recruiter years ago was that as I've worked contracts and projects, I should structure my CV differently. Not much else was said.

    I'm refreshing my CV at the moment and should be updating it was a new qualification shortly. I was made redundant last year and decided to study until market conditions improve. I'm concerned about how best to present this. If compared to traditional layouts, the gaps will look bad.

    Have you worked mostly contracts/projects or travelled a lot?