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Workshop shed

  • 30-04-2021 9:58am
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    HI all.

    Anyone have a recommendation for a provider of good quality sheds:confused:?

    I'll need concrete laid, electrics connected, and a well-constructed shed that can handle the business of a healthy woodworking hobby. I'm in the south of the country.

    I'm thinking a minimum size of 10m x 10m.


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    Leaving any planning discussions aside, I'd recommend going by word of mouth locally in your area.

    I looked at the usual nationwide providers but in the end went with a local guy who did everything - concrete foundations, floors, poured 3 foot walls, corrugated walls and roof, all electrics, power shutter gate etc all for less than the price of one of those normal steel sheds. Plus it was built the want I wanted it.

    Major benefit is the height - I have room to put a mezzanine in the future.