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First car/family car suggestions

  • 28-04-2021 9:52am
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    I'm not sure if suggestion threads are allowed but would appreciate a steer.

    We're upgrading from an old 3 door astra to something capable of taking a kids seat in the back with a new arrival on the way in the summer :eek:

    I'm only learning to drive and neither of us particularly fussed about a car that is fun to drive, so small and relatively practical, while big enough to get baby stuff in (ruling out the small city cars and anything much bigger than a focus in my head).

    I'd like somewhere nice to sit and like a few gadgets, it's going to be used for low enough miles so probably petrol, something ~2015-2017 is what I'm thinking, and in and around €10-12k.

    The only one I'd really like is the new gen of Astra Elites but they're rare as hens teeth within those parameters, looking at focus's (prob 2015 and higher miles), i30 (same), Citroen C4/DS4, Polo, Fabia... anything else I should keep an eye on?

    We'll be buying from a dealer and probably getting someone to inspect first only because I haven't a clue. Would be looking for one of the nicer spec'd versions of the list above because it seems that I'm a bit of a magpie apparently.