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UK post office scandal

  • 26-04-2021 1:01pm
    Registered Users Posts: 345 ✭✭ Santan

    Over nearly 15 years nearly 700 people have been convicted of theft by the UK post office, with some having been given prison sentences. This is all due to a software issue that was widely known about and reported on to the board of directors, but denied and critics silenced. It seems like the former CEO is the one common denominator in the defense of their system and attack and push for criminal convictions for these workers. Think about it, this woman knew full well that the software was flawed but rather than try to solve the problem, or even acknowledge the issue, she chose the opposite direction and knowingly sought to send innocent people to prison, and destroying 1000's of lives of these people and their families, and what did she get, rewarded by the government and received a CBE title. This woman was also an ordained minister of the church of England. Paula Vennells is one disgusting human, preaching about compassion, while all the time going to sleep knowing she is actively ripping families apart. Once again I think we all know nothing will happen to her or the other directors who tried their best to cover this up.