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Advice for fixing scratches on door and handle

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    Hi there,

    My car recently had its first encounter with someone else's car door, causing a scratch on the door panel about 1 cm x 1 cm in size, along with damage to the plastic of the handle.

    Door scratch:

    Handle damage:

    I understand that scratches can be polished out if they're no deeper than the clear coat, however I can't quite tell if the scratch on the door is through to the paint layer. Running my hand over it, there is slight roughness, and it's more obvious if I run my fingernail over it.

    Can you tell from this info if it is a deep scratch, or just one sitting in the clear coat?

    As for the handle, I cleaned the silver paint off with some quick detailer but the damage in the picture remains, is it possible to polish that part?

    Any insight into the extent of the damage, or advice on how best to go about repairing this would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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