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Honda CRV 1.6 Diesel

  • 22-04-2021 8:38am
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    Hi all

    Looking at the above at the minute. 2018 with 50k miles (UK Import).

    Body and interior fine and service history. Just wanted to check here with owners or anyone with experience as I can't afford to make a mistake or find out about a common issue after I've purchased.

    Ride is a little wallowy but I'm ok with that. I'm past track days!

    I think this is Timing Chain rather than Belt but I'd appreciate if anyone can confirm.

    Think it has a service indicator and I'm wondering re typical servicing interval and cost. Don't mind doing interim services if there is a benefit in reliability or longevity.

    Thank you for all input.


  • Registered Users Posts: 8 portbilly
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    Just reading your post now, the wife has one, brought 2nd hand 161 2 years ago Simi dealer with 35000 kms. She absolutely loves it very refined compared to my 1.8 D Mitsubishi ASX, hers has all the bells and whistles I imagine if you're doing UK import, it will be loaded with even more goodies. Honda have a well deserved reputation for realibility, and Mrs, has had no issues, one thing I would say is tyre pressure sensors are very sensitive I've to reset every few weeks, sister has Honda HRV diesel she loves it but also tyre pressure sensors sensitive, I'd avoid main Honda garages for servicing like most bit pricey, €100 plus vat per hour, parts additional, I know they've more overheads etc, local mechanic garage fine, best of luck with your purchase, an ps thanks for reply to my post on solar thermal and to go over, might just do that but go with solar as a service option��

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    Re servicing Mrs gets it done every 12k comes up on dash, but I believe it's set manually after each service

  • Registered Users Posts: 149 ✭✭ landcrzr
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    The tyre pressure sensor can be set for a non oem setup by the dealer, it makes it less sensitive. There are no actual sensors, it compares wheel rotation.
    The service indicator has to be activated by the dealer when bought new, if it wasn't I'm not sure if it can be later.
    It is a chain cam engine. Very important to use the correct oil.
    They're a great car.