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Mercedes-Benz C or E Class Estate?

  • 19-04-2021 9:41am
    Registered Users Posts: 15 ✭✭✭ OConnorDavid
    Registered User


    Looking to upgrade my 06 Octavia. I need a estate for family, mountain bikes, etc..

    I like the look at C Class or even E Class. I still do a decent amount of mileage so diesel is the preferred option. Budget is about €12,000.

    What should I look out for in the C / E Class?

    What other cars should I look at? I'm not huge car person so there is very good advice on this forum.




  • Registered Users Posts: 29 highpath
    Registered User

    Hi David,

    I have 2013 E350 estate, and wife a 2013 c250 estate. Both diesel. The engine in the c250 is the 2.1 twin turbo so has lots of grunt, and can sound a bit harsh at low speeds, but that is the only criticism. Good on fuel, low road tax and is quick. No reliability issues. This is the amg line sport plus spec so has a nice sporty interior and looks well. I would have no problem with a c220 either. Both have 7 speed auto boxes. In both cases I got a gearbox service done as soon as I bought them as this makes sure I will have no issues.

    The e class is fairly rare with the V6 engine which is silky smooth and quiet(and 250bhp and 620nm). Most others will be the e220 and some the e250(same engine as c250above) and a fewer still will be the e300, which has the electric motor for a bit more power. Worth having a look for one of these as they are good on fuel and have enough power.

    A big difference between the two is the size. The c class is noticeably a lot smaller than the e class(which is a big beast).

    A nice plus with these cars is they usually come with some nice practical features..roof rails for roof bars and boxes, dog guards built into the divider between the back seats and the boot, handy levers to drop the rear seats, cargo covers powered tailgates.

    I might be biased but I cant think of a better pair of cars(we have two teenagers and two dogs) for comfort speed , practicality, looks, running costs and value . I have the c250about 20 months and the e350 a year.

    Hope this helps


  • Registered Users Posts: 15 ✭✭✭ OConnorDavid
    Registered User

    Thanks very much for your reply Highpath.

    I think the E Class is the car I would like, the more room in the boot the better. I'll be on the hunt over the next few weeks and months.

    Let me know if you are keen to sell the E350! :)


  • Registered Users Posts: 1,282 ✭✭✭ em_cat
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    We are also looking for an C or E estate, it’s only for my self and oh + dogs, I had seen a 2015 c300h, however, it was sold before I got to see it.