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shipping from uk retailer

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    looking to buy some drying towels. the range in the irish retailers is limited to say the least.

    does anybody know if/when/why slims and in2detailing are no longer shipping outside uk? obv. brexit related but thought they would have it sorted by now?

    failing that, any good french/german online detailers?

    was looking at the korean microfibre towels but cant find anybody but in2detailing doing them.


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    I used by a lot of stuff from Slim Detailing but as you said they have stopped shipping here now due to Brexit which is a shame. I'd say the cost of shipping and getting involved with EU customs, etc was just too much hassle for them versus the amount of EU business they had. They probably have enough domestic UK customers to keep them profitable.

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    For anyone else looking, Clean and Shiny ship international. have pretty much all the brands and also have korean twisted loopmicrofibre towels at very decent prices. shipping is £15 to ireland so prob only worth it for big-gish order.

    no uk vat charged. expecting charge of irish vat + €5 DHL customs fee which overall works out pretty good all things considered.

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    CleanYourCar still ship here from my experience but I was hit with a tax/duty bill of €38.00 on a £150.00 (no VAT charged) order. It's near as makes no difference to the way it would have been pre Brexit.

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    Order from the North for now.

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    bought from livingsocial.ie an item that cost 20.99 plus 7.99 euro shipping only when sale had gone through that I found out it was a UK seller DPD couriers got in contact for duty to be paid 5.20 euro plus their charge for brokerage of 5 euro plus vat on charge of 1.15 euro , so item in the end the charges cost more than what I paid for the item will stay away from UK online buying in future

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