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Soundbar vs 10 year old surround vs New surround system

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    I've got a 10 year old surround sound speaker set (Logitech Z-5500) which works fine but I feel I might be missing out on some sound technology improvements (e.g. Atmos), especially to go with a recently purchased TV (LG OLED). The old surround system is still significantly better than the TV's internal speakers so it's not that it's bad - just want to see if I can get better.

    Caveat: I'm limited in choice by what's available at Irish retailers as I've a load of One4All vouchers to use and this is the best use I can think of.
    Budget would be up to 1k for a strong system because of the vouchers but only if it really warranted it. Prefer to come well under that if I could still get some good gains.

    Firstly, should I even consider a soundbar? Would a modern soundbar best a 10-year old wired 5.1 system at all? Not in a modern surround wired system, I know, but maybe a decade makes a difference.

    Or maybe best to buy a system that I can build up from? Again, I'd fear almost being trapped with a poor selection here from DID/PowerCity, etc but the vouchers would make a huge difference to the price.

    Any thoughts / guidance appreciated.


  • Hi.
    I don't know about a soundbar but I think buying a system that you can build from is always the way to go. As you go you can add to it, upgrade it, etc.
    You can just, for now, start with a receiver and two speakers. Then you can add a center channel in a few months and then a subwoofer and then a pair of surrounds.

    Your Caveat is a difficult one for buying what you want though. May I suggest using your vouchers for your ordinary everyday things such as food shopping etc and then put away the money that you would have spent on your food shopping (or whatever you decide). Then you will be free to buy from where you like.

  • Also before you buy anything. I would highly highly recommend you check out the AV Rant podcast. They are so helpful and will answer your questions no problem. Just tell them your budget, your room size, and where you can shop from of course. They are American and Canadian but they answer questions worldwide. They are on youtube or whatever podcast thingy you use.

  • This looks like an old thread but check out hifihut!

    They take one for all and price and selection wise seem to compete with RicherSounds.