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Add a desk booking system to a website

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    Hi, does anyone have experience with adding a desk booking system to a fairly basic (non-WordPress), PHP driven website?

    It's for a small-ish, free to use reading room, used by people who are not staff/users already, so the room booking system in Outlook will not work.

    The next tranche of restrictions will mean that 3 desks can be used, rising to 16 as we open up fully.

    Currently, each desk can be booked for a morning or afternoon session, and there should be a possibility to book multiple sessions.

    A confirmation email should go to the person booking the desk, as well as the staff so they can update a spreadsheet.

    I suppose an online calendar to see usage would be useful as well.

    I did come across GetJoan, and was in email contact with them, but I haven't heard from them in about a week or so. Need to get this in place for May!

    Apologies if this is the wrong forum for this query, and mods, please feel free to move to a more appropriate area!


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