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  • 12-04-2021 7:13am
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    The MG ZS looks like a lot of car for the money.
    Do any of you drive one? opinions?
    I know nothing about modern MG cars.


  • Registered Users Posts: 2,043 ✭✭✭Miscreant

    Not sure if anyone on the forum has one yet but there is a very long thread about the MG ZS already:

    You might get some good info from it. :)

  • Registered Users Posts: 182 ✭✭vimalandrew

    I also would like to buy an MG ZS EV this time. Looks like it is the cheapest SUV. Looks like Vokswagon ID3 also has similar price. Not sure the price shown in carzone (33000 euros) is the fina lprice. I have an Octavia 2017 model and would like to buy an electric one by exchanging.

  • Registered Users Posts: 58 ✭✭farrells

    Hi, current waiting times for delivery on the new MG ZS are anywhere between 9-14 months! Your looking at least 2023 before you'll get delivery, if you were to order one today.

    I ordered Exclusive Spec on 05th Jan 2022 and was originally told around May for delivery. I received a call from the dealer in Dublin about 2 weeks later advising that there are semiconductor shortages and cities in china are back in lock down so production has stopped again and new delivery date is now around (not guaranteed) November 2022 (if I'm lucky). With the way things are going I'd be astonished if it turns up this year.

    Im also following the MG ZS EV UK Forum and its the exactly the same story there, massive wait times for delivery as MG have over promised and dealers have under estimated. However! If you order a new car (especially an EV), its nearly the same story with any other manufacturer, I've read that VW are giving 18 months delivery on new ID3 orders, so its going to be a waiting game really no matter what you order new and the prices of 2nd hand EV's is going up and up because of this as well.

  • Registered Users Posts: 58 ✭✭farrells

    Sorry! To answer your original question, its an all round generally good car. You get a lot of tech\Toy's for the price and its the biggest battery and longest range for the price. I'd say i've watched nearly every car review on youtube for this car and they all say exactly the same thing, its perfectly acceptable, its surprisingly good, good build quality, good performance, good car all round. I took 2 out for test drives and enjoyed it each time. You need to remember its a small family sized suv so its not sports car, its going to act and drive differently from a focus or octavia or audi A3, etc. But, it can move when you need it to, it has a massive sunroof that opens up, its got all the other bells and whistles and is bigger (ergo better! lol).

    I dont think a lot of people would consider it to buy as its made in china, but so is 90% of the electronics you buy inc your iphone so why wouldnt you. Its very under estimated and when people start seeing them on the road, im sure they will change their minds. It also has a massive warranty 7 years! on both car and battery or 150,000klm which is great as well.

    I've also heard that there is a possibility the price is going to go up again soon (price went up E1000 in feb I think) due to shipping costs so if you really are considering it, talk to a dealer and see. You could also ask the dealers about the SR (Standard Range) version, it has a smaller battery (50kwh) and smaller range but also a smaller price but I dont know how quickly these will be getting shipped.

  • Registered Users Posts: 8,753 ✭✭✭Soarer

    So how do things work regarding a trade-in?

    Say, for pig iron, you order a ZS EV today and agree a trade-in price of €15k. But you need to use your current car daily until the MG arrives. Can they price-down the value of your car when the time comes, now that it has an extra 10k kms on it or whatever?

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  • Registered Users Posts: 849 ✭✭✭Blanchy90

    I ordered mine in January from Frank Keane MG and they have guaranteed the trade in price (delivery due in August) Hard to know if they'll do the same now with new orders not due until 2023

  • Registered Users Posts: 58 ✭✭farrells

    So I ordered in Jan with my current ford focus as a trade in from Linders, Finglas. I was original told that delivery would be around April\May but then pushed to November. I questioned the trade in deal and MG Prices\values with the dealer and everything was guaranteed until I get my new car. Once you agree a price and pay a deposit then the dealer cant change it, (unless you crash the trade in!). I have it in an email confirming this and also the dealer sent me a copy of the Vehicle order\Sales Contract. Just get it in writing.

    I don't think the dealer cares if the car has another 10-15k on it at the moment with the way used car prices are. Not sure about anyone else but my trade-in is a 191 ford focus and i do a 50km daily commute, when i told the dealer this he didn't care at all.

    The only thing I have to make sure of is I don't damage the car or someone crash into me so I'm driving like Ms Daisy at the moment!