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Coupon for Skylum Luminar AI, Aurora HDR, Luminar 4, and AirMagic

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    Anyone know about Skylum Luminar AI and Aurora HDR? Skylum is an image processing software development company. It is best known for its photo editing software Aurora HDR and Luminar.

    And I found the promo code "MACLIBS" for Skylum Luminar AI, Aurora HDR, Luminar 4, AirMagic, which can help you get additional discounts up to 20% off at checkout.

    Skylum Luminar AI is an incredibly impressive bit of near automated photo editing software. It competes with and compliments the likes of Lightroom and a bit of Photoshop (can be even be used as a plugin for either) but is far, far more automated, smarter and much easier to use.


    Aurora HDR is one of the best software focusing mainly on HDR merging and processing. The software is powered by AI and it is well known for having no halos, artefacts or chromatic aberration in the final image.
    You can learn more from its official page: