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Installing a Fence Beside a Public Road

  • 08-04-2021 2:41pm
    Registered Users Posts: 77 ✭✭ Bronco Bullfrog

    Hello, not sure if this is the correct topic area for this post, but maybe someone could give me some advice.

    I live in a rural area. I have a small patch of land opposite my house, it's on the deeds to the property its about 60 feet long by 20 feet wide. It serves no purpose but It lies adjacent to the road. The road is really a single track laneway / Boreen. The current fence on it needs replacing. The fence is made up of wooden fence posts and wire. I asked a local handyman to help me replace the fence. He had a look and came back to me and said he was thinking of putting one concrete fence post at one end as it would greatly improve the strain / tautness of the wire, he then said he wasn't sure if he should do that in case anyone were to hit it in a car The rest of the fence posts would be wooden.
    The fence posts in their current position are all about 2 feet back from the road on private land. If In the unfortunate event of an accident that if a concrete fence post cemented into the ground were to be struck by a car it would cause more damage than a wooden fence post. A wooden fence post would just give way.Should I consider this? Although it's a single track road the speed limit is 80 kmh which is crazy and people do drive too fast. Obviously if a car were to veer 2 feet off the road the driver would be at fault but I am just trying to cover myself. There has been a couple of incidents of cars leaving the road in other parts of the lane over the years and my fence was struck by a Combine Harvester once which caused damage to my fence.

    If we install one concrete post in on private land and all the rest wooden posts which would be 2 feet or more back from the road would I need to make any considerations? Would I need to put some kind of warning marker in front of the concrete post? Would I need to check with the local council? Or can I just go ahead?

    I notice the local council have put up metal posts along the side of roads in certain areas to prevent people parking eg close to schools and on an industrial estate. If a car struck one of them there would be considerable damage. When you drive around the countryside you often see all kinds of obstructions that people put out on verges outside their houses to prevent cars driving on verges or prevent parking. My handyman friend tells me these obstructions on verges are not legal.

    I may be over-thinking this, but you hear stories of people having a minor knock in their car in a supermarket car park & then someone tries to make a claim against them for 30,000 etc.
    Thanks in advance for any replies and advice.