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Instagram issues.

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    I have three instagram accounts.

    Only one i put pictures up on.

    Why have 3?? Well firstly I didn't mean to have 3 ..i just never posted anything on the first two and forgot ..

    Ok i have the 3rd up ..i put pics ..but suddenly they tell me i need to secure my account and I can't log in. I linked up two of the accounts. Like you can in FB?

    I have the email....i have the password ..i have the user name....all active.

    I ask for a link to be sent to my sends the email just fine...but when i click is just says ..'You need to help us secure your account'.

    It keeps sending me emails for notifications etc.

    I can still get in to the two other accounts inc the one that the locked account is linked to.

    I hadn't posted anything rude or weird ...only like 6 photos not really sent messages to anyone etc.

    So ...confused.