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Are you a member of any platform where you're not really welcome/persona non grata?

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    Take for example boards - Former re-regs might take an interest in this thread.

    Do you use any other platforms where you're not there to make friends?

    LinkedIn is more inhospitable to me, but I maintain my presence there nevertheless.

    Have you ever joined a platform just to be an annoyance? :D


  • I have never joined a platform with any other intention but to contribute in a positive way.

    But people went out of their way to be nasty. It was a very small forum not here. But it only had like ten people who posted regularly.

    And so i posted a lot but in reality it SEEMED like i was posted more than i was because there were not many people there. But i was the only person who didn't know anyone in real life. And let's just say there group was very set. They were friends in real life etc.

    Basically if they didn't know you in real life. They thought it was a fake account. That was HOW set it was.

    I just didn't fit there. They FOUND me annoying. But I think if they were honest was a very closed environment.

    Because it was such a small forum with so few people it was more noticeable. Had it been larger it would be different.

    I felt I was trying to be as nice and positive as a i could be. But not everyone wants that. It can be annoying.

    Its weird because they couldn't really see the forum was kind of dead or dying. Very few users that were regular.

    Also they would constantly play practical jokes on me etc. I was kind of the runt no one wanted around.

    So eventually I just left. Or maybe I was asked to leave I don't know.

    My personality is often too ....much for some people. Im very creative. And they were very ...they were very 'normal'. :)

    They would constantly refer to me as 'the crazy one' etc. In a derogatory way.

    But I never intended to be annoying.

  • Thankfully, I'm not