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Ennis Chess Congress 2021

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    Hi all, the Ennis Congress is changing format and moving online this year.
    We'll be running it on the lichess.org platform. 15th-16th May. 9 rounds of 15+10 rapid chess.

    Full details are here: lichess.org/team/ennis-chess-congress

    Entry is free and the procedure is simple. After you've set up your lichess account, make a request to join the team linked above (click the big green 'Join Team' button). Include a message with your full name and any rating details. Players of all levels are welcome. Any questions or help needed let me know.

    Hope to see you all there and spread the word if you know anyone looking for some games in a relaxed and fun environment. Cheers.


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    Hi everyone. One week until the 2021 Ennis Congress kicks off on Lichess.
    We currently have over 90 entries ranging in ability from complete beginner to FM.

    Both Blair and Diana will be streaming the tournament on Twitch.
    Blair has decided not to play so as better cover the event. Can we call him the official commentator for the Ennis Congress? I suppose so.
    Diana, I believe, will be playing. Possibly? Not sure on that one.
    We'll also have a prize for best game, as chosen by Ennis club members, the winner getting a lesson with (or from) Mark Quinn.

    If you're interested in playing then head over to lichess.org/team/ennis-chess-congress for the details, or shoot me a pm and I'll get you sorted.

    Hope to see you there, Cheers.

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    Less than 24 hours to go now and we have 120+ players on the entry list.
    I will be validating some late entries tomorrow but please try to get them in before noon or risk missing out

    For anyone not intending to play but still curious we'll also have a lichess broadcast where you can follow the games live with analysis features, opening book, and chat enabled

    Thanks for your attention and hope to see you there

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