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Search for Sibling


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    finnoJ wrote: »
    I'm searching for a girl(my sister) born in St.Patricks Mother & Baby home on the Navan Road in 1974. A broad search I know but if any one would like to get in touch please do.

    I'm guessing that if you know you have a sister then you probably know her birth surname at least.

    If you have either a full birth name, or a more precise date of birth (maybe the month), it should be easy to look for a birth record in the GRO.

    A telltale clue would be child's surname and mother's surname being the same.

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    Firstly, is she your mothers or father child?

    If she is your mothers you will know her birth name and approximate date of birth. I say approximate as some birth mothers may not recall the exact date of their babies birth. So when the GRO (Werburgh Street, Dublin) opens up, you could go and do a search for the birth Cert first in order to get the correct date of birth. Following that you can then search adoption records for girls with the same date of birth. Hopefully there won't be too many. You can get copies of the adoption Certs which will give the childs new name, adoptive parents names.

    If it's your father's child you will do a similar search. He may or may not know the name given to the baby, or the date of birth. As he will know the mothers name, you will be looking for birth Certs with that surname, where the child's surname and mother's maiden name are the same.

    Another route is a DNA test like ancestry, but to get a match, your sister would have to have done it too. If she's actively searching for her birth family she may have done a DNA test.

    You can register your details with the National Adoption Contact Preference Register, but again a match will depend on your sister having done the same.

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