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Secure Website

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    As a amateur, I have previously developed web apps using Linux servers (virtual) and more recently developing python scripts for Windows.

    I am researching the possibility of collating the python apps I developed for my company onto a server (external, Linux hopefully), but I am worried about security due to the data I will be working with and I am aware there have been recent changes to the responsibilities of website owners. I will be hiring developers, but I am looking for ideas on creating the plan for development.

    Basically the app will be similar to a ERP system with some modules/ user rights which should only be accessed from my companies office location (maybe limit to specific IP?, access keys located on internal server?) and some which will be client facing, so public with redacted information (2 factor login security)

    I was hoping someone might outline/ offer opinions on a very secure approach for this (brief overview) using external hosting for a small organisation. Ideally if there are hosting packages that would manage and monitor the linux server for issues backend, penetration testing and security. I was thinking amazon or similar for the dB.


  • Looks like you need a cloud infrastructure solution Private/Public /Hybrid Cloud depending on your requirements. AWS looks like a good contender as many enterprises big and small use AWS services as an all in one cloud solution. I'm not affiliated but was looking at some AWS services for smaller projects. Metered pay as you go solutions seem to be the norm now, as in you pay for what services are being consumed like network, storage and compute. This provides solutions for flexibility, scalability and reliability all on one platform which can also future proof your app's infrastructure wise anyway, so if the company employs another 2000 employees AWS will accommodate. AWS Cloud