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Mandala Exchange...Looks Really Good

  • 31-03-2021 7:53am
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    Hey guys,

    I trade crypto quite often (normally using binance or Kraken) and just started using a new exchange called Mandala exchange.

    From what I gather it launched in 2017 but didn't do too well, and the board of directors were completely overhauled, and the exchange relaunched in 2020.

    It's the first privately owned exchange powered by binance cloud.

    The interface of the exchange is very like binance (without all the noise) and they share the same order book and trading pairs.

    They also have an app on google play (early access)

    I think this exchange looks very promising and trading on it is a very smooth process with a beautiful UX.

    Their fees are really good to compared to other exchanges, including binance

    They have their own token too (MDX) which is currently only $0.15

    I was so impressed with the exchange that I picked up a grands worth of MDX myself (proof attached)

    Remember how Binance's BNB token exploded from pennies to over $300?

    MDX "could be" a second chance BNB althought there are 400 million MDX token in circulation compared to 200 million BNB.

    Even if MDX were to hit €1.35, I would 10x my investment.

    I never invest in Sh*tcoins or meme coins because alot of them are pump & dumps, cash grabs and outright scams, that serve no purpose, but I am very excited about MDX because it's the native token of a working product (The exchange)

    Obviously do your own research and dont listen to me as Im just some guy on the Internet

    There are some good videos on youtube and lots of info on reddit, here's one

    Here is the link if you want to check it out

    I was gonna post my referral link here but didn't want to be accused of being a spammer but if anyone wants it, shoot me a pm :)