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Charging cable for Nissan Leaf not working

  • 31-03-2021 8:48am
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    Hi I have a 171 Leaf yesterday I was trying to charge in Work but the part that goes into the car wouldnt "click" in, it did go on an all 3 lights flashed continuously but it didnt charge.
    I tried this morning with my own charge point in the house and same thing. I have a granny cable and that connected no problem. Do I need to by a new cable and any idea where I would get one, or is there somewhere I can get this repaired. Its a 6kw cable and I am in Cork


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    I've heard of cases where a rubber seal can become detached or warped on the cable and prevent it from connecting into the car 100% - examine the end that connects to the car closely and see if there is anything there.

    Take a look at this thread:

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    It'll likely be the rubber seal after coming out of its slot and stopping you from pushing the cable all the way in. Easy to fix yourself with just a flat head screwdriver. You can pop out a little plastic piece that holds the seal in, reseat it, pop the plastic back in and done.

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    Thank you both, I'm afraid me an technical are not words that go together well. I went to my Nissan dealer the Services supervisor said put it in the car and lift it slightly until it "clicks" an that has worked its a bit finiky and took a few goes but its working now.