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Coworker is playing the racist card?

  • 31-03-2021 12:01am
    Site Banned Posts: 78 ✭✭ Jerrykay6

    A coworker of mine has decided to play the racist card after I had a discussion with my manager about him.

    Ironically I get on quite well with the guy however, he was never a great worker to begin with and has gotten significantly worse over the past few months. We are a two man team working in a busy retail warehouse. He has taken countless days off sick, or left work early due to feeling unwell. He is constantly leaving tonnes of work for me to do when I arrive for the late shift (something I would only ever do in exceptional circumstances such as a delivery arriving late etc).

    I complained to my manager about it recently as I've had enough and this guys defense is that I don't like him because I'm racist. My manager chit a brick and backed off immediately and told me that we need to be sensitive about the issue. I feel he has gotten off Scott free because my manager is afraid to address the actual problem.


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    It's a no win situation, ask for a transfer

  • Registered Users Posts: 395 ✭✭ whampiri

    Ah, the old victim card. Gotta love it. Simple and easy to play and managers go the color of milk when it's played.

    My advice. Put everything in writing and advise that you're unable to continue picking up after this guy. Ask that there be something done about it as you're feeling stressed. In addition, I relay your discussion with the manager back to him and advise that you want to make an official complaint of harassment against the individual over the accusation of bullying. In effect you're being unfairly treated by being unable to challenge the accusation of bullying.

    Advise that as you have been accused if bullying, you would like to initiate the greivance procedure.

    Leave it with the manager then. You'll have 1. Made a complaint about the work your colleague hasn't done. 2. Reported this to mgt, thereby covering your hide, 3. Challenged the accusation of racism. 4. Made your manager have another heart attack.

    Accusations are easy to throw about but at the end of the day, unless there's evidence and not just two people's word against each other, is very difficult to prove. I would certainly be looking to face your accuser and have them come up with evidence of racism. If there's none, then this accusation could be construed as vindictive and disciplinary proceedings could follow.

    Should you decide not to go down the official complaint route, take a picture or note the work not completed by your colleague and forward a note to your manager each day. Do not do the work unless overtime or some other incentive is offered. Where this work has to be completed before other work is done, leave the same amount of work undone and send a note or email to your manager explaining why. E.g. see photo of work not completed by x. As I had to complete this task which took me 2 hours, I was unable to complete my own tasks and items 7-9 we're not completed. These have now been left for the next shift.