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Clerical Officer panel and on Maternity Leave

  • 30-03-2021 6:00pm
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    Good evening.

    I'm on a panel for two years now and hoping to get another expression of interest that I want soon, didn't go forward with last one.

    However I'm currently on Maternity leave baby is 7 weeks. If I got picked and offered a job just say next month, can I say I can't start till September as I'm on Maternity? I didn't go through with the last position to reference checks as I was just due the baby and afraid they couldn't go through with me then.

    I really want one of the jobs and have already been waiting patiently 2 years since it all started!

    Thanks a mill.


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    Yes it wouldn't be a problem, go ahead with references and when the contact you for start date tell them you are on maternity until September, you cannot be discriminated against because you are on maternity.

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    I've seen a woman called from a panel when she was very close to 9 months pregnant! She popped in to say hi but she didn't actually start until after her mat leave ended. I'd get in touch ASAP though just so they know when you'll be actually starting and congrats on baby and new job :)