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    Hi all and welcome to the Childfree by choice forum. Here you can discuss the decision not to have children and how that affects your life (or not) or if you are thinking it over yourself you can discuss pros and cons with other users who have already made that choice.

    All of the usual Boards.ie rules apply, see site FAQs and Terms of Use

    All thread topics should be relevant to being Childfree by Choice

    Remember the rule to "Attack the post not the poster". If you disagree with someone, discuss the subject with them without personal remarks.

    Please use the 'Report Post' function on any post to report when needed. You may also PM any of the forum mods at any time. Do not start a discussion with a mod on thread. Please PM the mod and take it from there.

    Do not question mod decisions on thread. If you have a question or have an issue with a mod action, PM the mod to ask about it.

    This forum will have a mix of users new to the idea of being childfree and thinking about it and those who have been so by choice for some time. Don't expect everyone to be on the same page. People might be here to learn more about a future life that they are interested in but don't yet know much about.

    No spamming or shilling

    Thanks all, enjoy the forum.

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