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HR Interview Prep

  • 28-03-2021 4:03pm
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    I have a final interview on Friday with a multinational tech company for the position of a software engineer. There's been quite a few stages, initial interview, tech test, multiple technical interviews. I've never had to do an interview with so many stages, so I'm happy I'm in the final round.

    The interview is with an HR manager, and my would direct manager. I'm not exactly sure what to prep. Just the usual HR behavioural/situational interviews?

    Or would this maybe just a formality to go over an offer?

    I do have quite a few days left to prep, so any advice would be great.


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    I would guess this is the behavioural interview stage as you've managed to get through the tech stages - well done! Use the STAR method to answer questions. Practise some answers beforehand as it's very easy to waffle and loose the thread with those but an extremely good way to nail answers...

    Good luck!

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    I'd assume this round is to see what your "soft skills"(I hate that term too!) are like. Basically how will you fit in with the organisation and team and the team manager.

    Things I'd prep for this would be;
    - teamwork and examples of how you've successfully worked within a team to deliver on objectives

    - relationships with your line managers - examples of were you have collaborated together, times you've had a difference of opinion with a direct manager (include examples were you've been able to influence your line managers to go a different direction and we're you haven't and how you dealt with it)

    At this stage if you can come across as being normal and sane you'll be in a strong position. Just don't come across as arrogant and over confident and as if you know it all.

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    A HR person I know talk about the "3 questions for interview":

    Can you do the job? (Qualifications, skills and experience
    Will you do the job? (Motivation)
    Will you get on with the team? (People skills)

    Sounds like you're mostly on Q3 - time to show you're a 'people person', collaborative, and happy to give/take - without compromising your own work ethic.