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Claiming back on tuition fees for approved courses

  • 27-03-2021 8:41pm
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    Hello everyone.

    I was hoping you could help me figuring out how much I'm able to claim back on this academic adventure of mine.

    The course in question was a third-level course with the duration of a year full-time or two years part-time and in total I paid €4,200.

    Given that the disregard amount per tax year is €3,000 for full-time and €1,500 for part-time, if I had done the course in either format without switching, I'd have a total qualifying amount of €1,200 (€600 per year for two years part-time) and claiming the 20% relief on that would get me €240.

    Now, as I was working at the time, I started the course part-time throughout all of 2018 where I paid 3 instalments totaling €2,100, then in 2019 I quit my job and went full-time paying one final instalment of €2,100.

    So I'm just wondering, does this mean that I can still claim for 2018 because I was part-time and €2,100 is above the €1,500 part-time disregard fee but can no longer make a claim for the remaining €2,100 paid in 2019 as I had gone full-time and this is lower than the full-time disregard fee of €3,000?

    Appreciate any time taken to reply to this.

    Thank you,


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    If the payment in 2019 relates solely to an academic period in 2019 then it's not claimable if you paid no tax in 2019.

    If however the payment in 2019 is an instalment for an academic year 2018-2019 you would have choice of claiming in 2018 or year of payment (2019).

    Whether the documentation you have supports it being an instalment for a continuing single year course year because of the switch, or as payment for a separate academic period, only you can tell.