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Weird employment contract- double pay issue?

  • 25-03-2021 6:01pm
    Registered Users Posts: 4 AnaRodr

    Hi guys,
    I work as a specialist nurse and for a variety of reasons have just accepted a non-clinical job with a pharmaceutical company. As part of my contract with the Pharma company they have said they will allow me to remain clinically active (so I won't lose my specialist credentials by not practising) by working for an unrelated private medical clinic one day a week.

    The thing is, that my new employer (the Pharma company) has said in my contract that they will now allow me to receive payment from the private medical clinic for the days I work there. The Pharma company will continue to pay me and I can be paid expenses from the private medical clinic but not receive payment from the private medical clinic for the one day of work I do there each week.

    In other words the private medical clinic will essentially be getting me for free one day a week, other than paying me expenses. Is there another way that I can ask to get compensated by the medical clinic (e.g. shares/other benefits/paying me a lump some as a bonus etc) that would not break the rules of my contract with the Pharma company?