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Together Ankle/Foot Pain, Calf Pain & Inside Knee Pain for 16 Months

  • 25-03-2021 3:26pm
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    Hi, I am 29 - 12.5 stone
    16 months ago my Right foot slipped getting into the car (Like A Jolt)
    In the beginning Pain developed on the inside of the foot up to the inside & rear of the calf then the most pain full Inside of the knee & finally the Rear of the hip.
    No Swelling or bruising no poping, nothing out of the regular.
    6 weeks in went to physio nothing was alarming 10 weeks still painful went for X-ray found nothing.
    4 months went by felt it had recovered without any intervention or (Stretch/Weight Conditioning) and I began to Run (I Ran for 3 years prior to the Slip) Then got really bad pain nearly fell over.
    Went for MRI found Lateral Mencius Tear Yet (Pain on the inside not the outside)
    Went to physio again began program pain in hip went straight away gradually the Knee/leg/ankle pain subsided from time to time never truly went away.
    Wasn't healing went to a Knee Surgeon & his Physio again he mentioned (where you have the tear & the pain are 2 different places)

    Currently have insoles to prop up both feet (helped) Knee Braces (Very Helpful) No exercises for 2 weeks to trial Braces
    The Pain feels Like a stretch can be painful sitting Down or Lying down at night at times.
    When on the Move it can be fine most of the Time Yet you would still know it is there.

    Thank you for your Time viewing my sketch, any help would be Brilliant.