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Call for more transparency on post reporting

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    So the way it works atm is one reports a post and it goes into the ether.

    I am calling for much more transparency on the reporting function.

    So what could this look like? Well, for a start an indication on a post that it was reported. But more importantly a link to the report, where a third party is perhaps allowed to comment. Or not, but at least a link to the report. One could agree for example instead of many ppl making more or less the same complaint.

    The big problem with the current system is one can't review their own report, and you can't see if it was considered by a mod at all, or by which mod, if any.

    So what I'm looking for it this

    1. An indication a post report complaint was received or even read at all.

    2. Which mod read it, or is 'dealing' with it, whether one or multiple (because mods contribute in threads)

    3. That it can be reviewed by the complainant, if only to verify it was received

    4. That the whole reporting procedure is transparent in whichever way it is implemented. It certainly is not transparent the way it currently operates.




  • Sounds like a lot of work for very, very, little “reward”.


    “When you're used to privilege, equality feels like oppression”.


  • While the drama of it would be absolutely riveting I can’t see how you could stop it from descending into farce very quickly, especially the part of reading the report and/or adding comments.

    I can see some value in a post being highlighted somehow if it has been repeatedly reported, it might stop people replying to obvious wums or trolling posts.

  • Can't see any issue with the current system. If one is reporting posts and nothing is happening then they are being reported incorrectly.

  • Current system works fine. No need to be too involved in the process. Keep it simple.

  • Hi thanks for the feedback.

    There have been many many threads/posts in this forum about changes to the reported posts process over the years.

    It has never been a viable option to change the current system. It has been in place for around 20 years now, works well for site administration and has rarely caused trouble.

    For all the various reasons that have been set out in previous threads, there is not going to be a policy shift on this.

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