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Where did you live during each year in DCU

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    I'm curious to know where did you live during each year you were in DCU. No need for specific addresses but if it was a particular student accommodation complex or a private rented house/apartment that is good enough. Thanks.

    1st Year:
    2nd Year:
    3rd Year:
    4th Year:


  • 1st and 2nd year - shared house in Fairview
    3rd year - was out forrin for Intra and Erasmus
    4th year - shared house near the Phoenix Park.

    There wasn't a hope in hell of getting on-campus accommodation or anywhere that was a +/-15 minute walk from DCU.
    I was doing well to even get that house near Phoenix Park when I came back from Erasmus, as it was in the catchment area for DIT Bolton St, and on the 10 bus route to Trinity & UCD. I really didn't want to share a bedroom or do digs.

  • Started my undergrad as a 30 y/o mature student so want to avoid student accommodation

    1st Year: Phibsboro - Shared house with a couple
    2nd Year: Coolock - Shared house with two lads
    3rd Year: Finglas - Shared house with couple
    4th Year: Whitehall - Apartment, not student a complex

    Was all pretty convenient with a car, cycled occasionally from each place didn't fancy it when it was cold though!

  • 1st: Gateway
    2nd & 3rd: Shanowen
    4th: shared house