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wiring for a new home theatre room

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    hi all
    creating a movie room in the attic.
    small room with a wall width of 104 inches
    it would give 120 inch screen max (diagonal)
    the distance from wall to wall is not much only 127 inches.
    as per google search i will get 100 inch picture on my current projector.
    my question is -
    where do u keep your AV receiver
    is it at the front near the screen?
    if yes how do you wire the hdmi from AVR out to projector at the back wall?
    it is quite a length .


  • You can put it wherever you like. Whatever you do though, make sure your HDMI cable(s) is accessible in the future because you may need to change it in the future for various reasons and also sometimes the longer fiberoptic ones fail so be sure that you can do this easily.