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MG Marvel R Electric

  • 16-03-2021 11:20pm
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    Looks interesting a new entry from MG.


    Official presentation from MG Europe, starts 9 minutes in:

    SAIC Motor has launched Brand new electric vehicles with 5g connectivity which is called MARVEL R and it's the world's first electric vehicle with 5G connectivity.
    It also has 19-inch wheels with Michelin tires.
    Height:1. 6m
    length:4. 6m
    wheelbase:2. 8m
    19. 4-inch screen.

    DingTalk" app and can support 300 people online at the same time to hold a 720P high-definition video conference

    Storage capacity in the back 357L
    and storage capacity in the front 150L

    69.9kwh battery
    iDC fast charge charging to 80% takes 30 minutes
    but if u use AC slow charge it will take 12 hours

    Dynamic performance
    1: NEDC:505km
    2: Rear-wheel drive car
    3: Power 137kw with 410 Nm
    4: 0-100= 7. 9 sec

    Price: 219k to 239k RMB
    USD: 33,000 USD to 36,000 USD

    Video Review: