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Bubbles in sea water as tide comes in....

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    I wasn’t sure if this was the right place to put this but I was out walking earlier on the beach. The tide was coming in and there’s a section of the sea that meets a river.

    I noticed bubbles rising (kind of like a bubbling pot a bit) at a very select part of the beach so I walked as near to it as I could get. It’s a section of the beach that is not under water when tide is out.

    Tide was coming in and as soon as it went over certain parts of the beach tye bubbles would start. Before the water there was nothing visible and I’m not sure there was any sound either until the bubbles started as the water went over it.

    If I was guessing I’d say some sort of gas is being released and as the tide comes in the water starts bubbling as it washes over these spots. I’m not convinced it’s a hole or cavern beneath as it looks more like gas coming up then water going down. As soon as any water washes over it (even a bit) it bubbles immediately.

    Does anybody know what this might be?


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    Air being pushed out of the sand underneath, as the tide comes in. The water is not only rolling across the top of the sand, it's also pushing between the grains of sand themselves. The "underground" water is slower, so the waves on top can cover over the places where the air is coming up, giving the bubble effect.

    The reverse can also be seen when the tide is receding, with water coming up between the sand grains and making its way down the slope on the surface to the edge of the sea.

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