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Multristream channels on 5W

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    Have not looked at 5W since fta channels changed to multistream.
    Considering purchasing an stb with multistream support, so tried to see if I could get anything on the french multistream tp's.
    Realised that beam has got quite narrow now, so not seeing anything!
    So my question is - should I be able to see anything signal wise on these tp's, without having a multisat tuner?
    Just using the Satfinder menu on the stb to check signal strength!
    Get locks on tp's with french encrypted channels okay.
    Dish is a T90



  • The ones you are getting and the Multistream ones all appear to be on the Transalpine beam. I have a TBS 5925 USB receiver looped through from my Dr HD main box, and it can tune in the ACM modulation. I got the RAI channels on 11637 V 30000, but nothing on a couple of others ones I tried e.g. 11509 H 29500.

    I have a 1.1 m dish, but it is not well aligned at present. So I think you should have a good chance. Even though the footprint does not cover Ireland on the various maps I saw.

  • Thks for checking.
    Looking for 11509H alright, but not a blip on signalfinder, when I manually enter the tp info.
    Can lock onto each side of it okay 11472H and 11512V.

    Do you think I should be able to see some signal on a non multistream tuner?

  • Do you think I should be able to see some signal on a non multistream tuner?

    No you can't.

  • I'm doing nothing so tried 5w for you, a channel named KTO opens as its FTA. I then tried 11509h in signal finder and got nothing. I am using openvix and was able to configure it for multistream using and bingo channels cleared. Signal is 11.odb and snr 57, agc 51%. I scanned the whole sat and got a lot. I use a triax 1.1m and a black ultra lnb with good cable. Very windy here at the moment.

    Look here on lyngsat and you will see the details that need to be entered. Using an AXHD61 at the moment with openvix I have a zgemma h7s that I will try later. Watching rugby.

    Other channels have audio options and english was one. lots of radio channels. here's a pic

    PS I did a full scan uisng openatv6.4 on zgemmah7s and it found everything, 864 channels.

  • @swoofer - thanks for checking it out.
    Based on previous posters I suspected as much.
    Just have to decide what type of tuners I want to get....

    As regards the rugby, 2nd game (unfortunately in 1st game team in blue did not fire today) - try or no try?
    For me, initial reaction was no, then on replay I changed my mind!

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