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Online Assessments for jobs

  • 10-03-2021 9:04am
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    Hi All,

    I moved to a job a few years ago. I knew from the first week it wasn't really me but stuck with it. Don't get me wrong I am very grateful to have a job in the current climate. I moved, unfortunately it hasn't really worked out as I had planned and I am sure there are a few that can relate to that. Don't get me wrong it's not the worst job in the world just not for me.

    Anyway I have been applying for roles in the last year or so 2 of which I had to take an online assessment. My record in these is bad - usually when there is one of these I don't get past the first round and I'm trying to understand why. I do much better when I do an actual face to face interview - video/audio call or in person. The first assessment I undertook was literally 2 screens to describe yourself - on the second screen to me it seemed it was asking the same thing but using different words - lots of words - dependable, reliable, honest, hard working, etc, etc. Anyway to my surprise I had it completed in a matter of minutes. An email followed a week or so later sorry we will not be pursuing your application any further.
    The second assessment for a different company was more detailed and this was only part of the overall assessment but essentially asking much the same. 2 questions per line and you had to select which was more "like you" ie: I become unmotivated if not busy/I strive to learn all the time. I answered the most common sense where applicable. Another email - sorry we will not be pursuing your application any further.

    I am sitting here this morning really trying to figure out why I keep failing these? I understand some companies may get thousands of cv's and they have to screen them off to narrow down their search for candidates.

    Does anybody have any experience with such assessments? I am trying to being 100% the best person or should I lie a little in such assessments and say yes maybe I only work to 80% capacity? Like any normal human being I have days where I feel unmotivated!
    I am finding the entire process of trying to change job very frustrating altogether. Some weeks I get a call with a lead which motivates me only to then have weeks of radio silence.

    Would love to hear peoples thoughts on this.

    Thank you


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    Unfortunately you need to give the answer they want.

    Interviews and assessments are as much about disqualifying you as they are about hiring you.

    If everyone else is lying, you're at a huge disadvantage.

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    I've done a few of these tests before interviews and I always try to answer honestly. In one particular one the interviewer highlighted an area from the subsequent report that concerned him about my ability to do the job so we talked it out and I was able to address his concerns and in the end I was offered the job.

    Those tests are designed in such a way to catch people out who are trying to game them, thats why the questions are so similar, it's looking for patterns in how you answer and whether you are consistent.

    Now, I have no idea how accurate they can be but if the employer is using them there's no point trying to out smart it by answering how you think they want you too.