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Using GUI Card for Competition Purse and General Purchases

  • 09-03-2021 2:51pm
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    Hi, if someone has any experience with rolling out and implementing the use of our golf cards to top up purses and use to pay for competition entries and for use in the proshop/bar/restaurant use would you mind sending me a DM with how it might be a good way to go about it.
    I have been tasked with this challenge to try and convince our popshop to go down this route so need to put a plan in place of how to go about and the benefits it brings.
    They are hesitant at the moment because they say they control the time sheets and the two cant interlink which sounds a bit vague.


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    I know BRS can handle competition purse, but not sure if it can be linked to pro shop / bar / restaurant.

    There’s a poster on here Golfgraffix, they have some really good software but not sure if they have exactly what you’re looking. It would be worth contacting them, an Irish company too.

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    Our place definitely used the cards for restaurant purchases. We have a restaurant/bar levy and its loaded direct to your card when you pay your sub. Then you just swipe when you're paying.

    Not sure around the set up or logistics of it though