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Classic car towing

  • 08-03-2021 5:37pm
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    My business is thinking about offering classic car towing.
    The obvious is that the physical aspect is still the same but with classic cars that have been recently restored from the ground up or even just people with high sentimental value on there car, what would the preferred choice be A. Open back tow truck. B. Closed in sealed car transporter.
    Also any tips or advice would be welcome on board

    If the latter I’m on the market for one.


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    If you don't already own a vehicle for classic work, get an enclosed one - apart from high-value cars that owners want protected (from the elements or nosey types), you'll get classics that aren't finished and so won't have windows, and others with fresh (soft, vulnerable) paint.

    Also, make sure that the winch is strong and well-serviced - some classics are relatively heavy and many may not be running under their own power.
    Also, classic sports cars and cars with sunken air/oil suspension will have low ground clearance, so choose something that accounts for that as much as possible.

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    Prestige car transport has a few years jump on you and is very well respected here in Ireland , he’s enclosed truck, and has shifted many of Ireland’s most expensive cars, ( they don’t have to be vintage to be worth a lot )