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Where to start a kid in archery

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    My son will be 9 later this month.
    He is mad for archery making them all the time and asking if he can get a proper set.
    As someone that knows little about this where should I start?
    1) What to buy him?
    2) Good online resources?
    3) Any groups meet at this age when not level 5 restrictions.

    All help appreciated.


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    In my opinion the best way is find archery club near your house and join on the beginners course. This way you will receive professional help with the basics at the start and you will be able to use the club archery equipment during the course.
    1) What to buy him?
    It's very difficult question. It depends on what kind of archery you want to do and how much money you want to spend on equipment.

    2) Good online resources?
    In Ireland we don't have to much choices, this shop looks nice, but I never bought there

    3) Any groups meet at this age when not level 5 restrictions.
    I don't know where you from, the age of the participants is determined by the clubs' boards, in my club the minimum age is 8 years.

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    1) What to buy him? Under normal circumstances Nothing until he does a beginners course. Unless you do archery yourself, id suggest not teaching him the wrong way.
    2) Good online resources? There isnt any respurces really to learn for a 9 year old. plenty of shops in Ireland, Shooting style, burren archery, archeryshop.ie to name a few. quicks and merlin in the uk. Decathlon also have quite inexpensive archery stuff
    3) Any groups meet at this age when not level 5 restrictions. depends on the club, but My girl started when she was 8.

    I should note that there is two basic types of archery in ireland. 'olympic' style recurve and compound ( though no compound at the olympics) which is archery Ireland and Field archery which is shooting outdoors and the governing body is IFAF. This is an over generalisaton on the types but gives you a start for google searches.

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    Thanks guys,
    I take on your points. We are in South Dublin so will look for local clubs for a beginner course. Wouldnt mind a look myself. THis would purely be for "fun" or sport not hunting.
    Thanks again

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    Archery is such an interesting sport that it can be practiced in various ways. This is what my version of "horse" archery seems.
    Good luck and have lot of fun.

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    Off the top of my head,

    Dundrum Archers http://www.dundrumarchers.com
    Liffey Archers http://www.liffeyarchers.com
    Greenhills Archers http://www.greenhillsarchery.com
    Wicklow Archers http://wicklowarchery.org/

    They will be running Beginners Courses at some point in the future. The course will teach you the basics and give you a better idea about equipment, etc.


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