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Pickup advice

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    I have a squier affinity strat with ceramic pups which are quite hot actually. I want to put a single sized humbucker in the bridge position as I have never liked the tone of that strat pup position, but I don't want there to be a big volume difference between the new pup and the others and I also don't want to lose the quack of the 4th position.

    Any pup recommendations for the job?


  • No specific suggestion, but I'd recommend making sure that you can split the coils to give that extra level of variation.

    My strat has 2 Dimarzio PAF pros. with the coil split options I can have stral like bright and LP dark at a touch of a switch.

    as to volume, look at the impedance specs.

  • I would buy the Seymour Duncan Jeff beck (JB) Junior. It's a humbucker that fits in hte single coil gap. Don't get the Seymour Duncan Little '59 (bridge). It's very muddy. Can't speak for the neck version.