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Norman Crowley Irish EV £2 million supercar


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    Got this via Facebook ad from same crowd
    Typical Conversion Costs:

    Typical conversions can vary in cost quite considerably depending on the make and model of your car as well as the level of specifications you require to achieve your desired range and power.

    As an example, something like our standard VW Beetle conversion will cost around €35,000 - €40,000 (including VAT) and give you a range of around 100 miles/160km.

    Whereas a Porsche 911 conversion, giving you a range of around 170 miles/275km, will cost around €60,000 plus including VAT to convert.

    Top end vehicles could range anywhere from €85,000 up to over €200,000 depending on the vehicle type and the agreed specifications and scope of work.


    Timings on vehicle conversion vary but if its a vehicle we have done previously and have an established template, then this would typically take about two months to complete once the vehicle is booked in to our production run.

    If your chosen vehicle is a new car and model that has not been done previously, then custom projects could take up to a year for full conversion (again depending on the level of work required by you the client).

    Our Process:

    An initial deposit of €1,500 is placed to get your car booked into our production plan.

    We then go through a detailed process to understand what exactly you want to achieve with your car and agree a scope of works with an estimated budget cost broken down by parts & labour.

    Around 2 months before the job is planned to start, we send through an invoice for all agreed parts for the car, which are then ordered in advance so that these are in stock to begin your conversion as per our agreed plan.

    Once the project starts, we keep you fully informed of the agreed project and invoice you the labour conversion charges on a monthly basis as per our agreed plan.

    All invoices are paid in advance of the car being handed over as per the scope of works.


    I assume all these conversions are in Wales, not the office in Enniskerry. Note recently they converted a beetle in a day (a very long day) but beetles are typically very simple.