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Luca [Pixar]

  • 25-02-2021 4:59pm
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    ... though the official Pixar channel lists it as "Disney and Pixar's Luca", as if to remind everyone who signs the cheques now.

    Pixar are certainly making great use of their advanced lighting techniques these days, 'cos if nothing else, this looks lush.


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    Another trailer; looks like it's turning up on Disney+ on June 18:

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    Watched first half hour or so, became clear it's one for the younger ones rather than something any age can take out of it.

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    It's a strange film for Pixar to make: it's very flimsy in many ways, but I think it was a decent change of pace for the studio when it just focused on being a low-stakes, charming film about the burgeoning friendship between three lonely kids.

    The central hook (of fish who turn into humans when above water) is neither here-nor-there, its just kind of meh. A lot of the character motivations are poorly explained at best - particularly for the side characters like the parents. It's only around 85 mins when you factor out credits, and it definitely feels rushed despite being more laid-back than your average Pixar joint. Perhaps worst of all, it actually looks a bit cheap and ugly at times - especially during the first half-hour or so before they get to the village. It does have some nice picturesque settings, nice tech details (the rocky beaches look great) and neat character designs in the end, but it can feel somewhat thrown together. Even the soundtrack by Dan Romer - pleasant though it is - feels like a minor remix of his own work on Beasts of the Southern Wild.

    All that said, there's a charm to its low-key, low-stakes storytelling that won me over. I wish some of the lazier writing and side characters had more effort put into them, but there's definitely a heart-felt, likeable core that thankfully the film is mostly focused on. It'll definitely work best for a younger audience, but the simple tale of young friendship is a charmer. Soul might be a bigger, more ambitious project... but honestly I think I preferred this, even if they're both far from peak Pixar.

    The Studio Ghibli comparisons do it no favour though. There's a frequently repeated, overt nod to Porco Rosso here, and the basic setup certainly shares some broad similarities with Ponyo. But it's nearly completely lacking in the sort of visual imagination and lyricism seen in those two films, not to mention Miyazaki's unique instincts when it comes to tone and storytelling. In some ways, Luca is a welcome departure for Pixar - a smaller sort of project that doesn't feel the need to be a big, sprawling modern animated blockbuster. But it also highlights just how modest modern Pixar's ambitions are, and how far they are from their own peak... let alone the level of masters like Miyazaki. Porco Rosso and Ponyo are films I'll rewatch many times in years to come... Luca was a pleasant Friday evening watch and little more.

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    I thought that was very sweet.
    Simple little film really, not as sophisticated as soul or inside out, but no worse for it. I personally thought it looked fantastic, summery bright and light, the water effects wow.
    Oh and I especially enjoyed the cat :).
    The animated pasta looked delicious as well!
    Santa (insert type of cheese)!
    It also emotionally connected with me, a lovely watch.

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    This is a lovely Pixar film that thankfully lowers the stakes significantly compared to previous outing while also cutting the runtime. It reminded me more of an Aardman film than Pixar.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 5,759 ✭✭✭speedboatchase

    Loved it. Very charming and great message that is
    absolutely about the LGBT community, but in a wink-wink way that means Disney doesn't upset censors in China and the Middle East

    Lots of fantastic little Italian touches though from the imagination of the titular character - especially the
    "wild Vespas" :D

  • Moderators, Category Moderators, Entertainment Moderators Posts: 32,306 CMod ✭✭✭✭pixelburp

    Probably Pixar's most frivolous film in years. Still, it charmed, entertained and made me laugh start to finish; and given was clearly aimed at a younger audience critiquing the film at all felt a bit redundant. And even when knocking out a breezy jaunt like this, the still tipped their hat towards their enthusiasts' heart; this was a gorgeously composed film, created by lovers of cinema; even if the cameras were virtual, the sensibilities behind them were cinematic, meaningful. Doubtless, it also helped that there is arguably no animated studio possessing such talent and appreciation for light and texture as Pixar.

    And yes, the messaging of the film couldn't have been clearer and more overt if it openly said the thing it was skirting around. It's still a bit disappointing Disney make pains to avoid ever being that open in the first place - but still, subtext is often more powerful than text.

  • Registered Users Posts: 538 ✭✭✭dubstepper

    Similar to the poster above, I nearly gave up on it as it was so light in story for the first 20-30 mins that I though it was maybe for young children. I stuck with it and actually there is a lovely little story in there. I prefer this type of story, than one's with the wise-cracking characters.