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Best way to remove lime from car paint

  • 25-02-2021 12:25pm
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    Hi. I've had my MGB GT in storage in an underground car park whilst getting my garage at home sorted out. When the weather was really bad a couple of weeks ago water dripped through the concrete building and onto the car bonnet. There's a car valet operating near the car and I spoke to the guy there who said he saw it happening and wished he was able to call me. He'd had it drip on to a car's windscreen and he was able to scrap it off with a blade but for my car it'd be a bodyshop job to fix it. He said it would need a wet or damp sanding I think. I've had a look online and it seems to be a common enough thing with some advising different acids (white vinegar was one) they'd use and wipe slowly on it.

    Any one have any recommendations or experience with this? Thanks.


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    Vinegar is a very mild acid, and won’t damage the paint, but will take a while to work (but is safer than more aggressive acids, like formic acid, which is used as a kettle descaler).
    Soak a piece of toilet paper in vinegar and lay it over the deposit. Remove it every so often and wipe away the softened top layer with a cloth, to expose fresh deposit (do NOT rub or scrub the area). You’ll need to keep adding more vinegar/changing the toilet roll, as it and the deposit are neutralising each other in the removal process.

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    Brilliant! Thank you!