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Who has heard of toki pona?

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    toki pona is a simple language created in 2001 by a Canadian linguist, Sonja Lang. Her aim was philosophical, to see how simply language could express her thoughts; therefore, the language is minimalist, the vocabulary about one hundred words, and the grammar very small. Last year, a follower interested in world communication and understanding, expanded toki pona to become toki ma, world language. I read about toki pona in the Irish Daily Mail, of all places, and thus was led to toki ma; since November, there has been frenetic activity on the toki ma forum, where linguists started to change the language according to their perceived linguistic rules, until it is almost unrecognisable as having come from toki pona. To retain the aims of toki ma, and the vocabulary of about 220 words, I founded a group called toki ireland, where there is a handful of following learners. I have retained the simple and easily accessible grammar, and realise this language, toki ma, is a true gift; I can see it uniting peoples the world over; easy to learn, free to learn, this language is a jewel. If anyone is interested, look it up. I would love to see some discussion on it here.


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