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    I have recently got involved in scouting and am interested to hear what role (if any) boards can play in the various organisations. Is there a need for a forum dedicated to this topic or is everything done via whatsapp/Facebook groups now?

    This forum has been quiet for some time so any feedback would be appreciated.


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    Hi Pawwed Rig
    I am a fairly regular viewer of this forum. And occasional contributor.
    A previous version of the SI website had a very useful forum but this was lost with new developments, as sometimes happens. I had hoped that this forum would take the place of that facility. The biggest difference is that the SI version was only available to SI members. This site is obviously open to all, but most importantly, it is open to international scouts and scouters and also to Irish guides, boys brigade and other similar groups.
    I would not like to lose this forum but if it is not being used....

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    Thanks for the feedback. I purposely did not respond until now in the hope that there would be further posts in the thread/forum but that did not happen unfortunately.

    We can keep the forum open for the moment on the off chance that posting will pick up as scouting starts up again.

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    I was about to comment that your question had been answered. :)
    Hopefully things will kick off but I'm not holding my breath.
    Have you been out with your scouts? We had a couple of nice Venturer outings recently. A nice hike and a campfire dinner.

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    I am just a beginner. I attended my third Beaver meeting this week. We went on an excursion to the local park one of the evenings but I feel it is really a case of keeping the whole thing ticking over until we can open up properly and get back indoors. The weather has been kind so far but that may not always be the case.

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