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SUP in Dublin

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    Hey everyone. I've seen some helpful posts about SUP locations in Galway but no recent ones (in the last yr) about Dublin.

    Myself and a pal have got a couple of SUP boards for ourselves and we're looking to find the best places to try them out in South Dublin. We're experienced in SUP and have done lessons and guided tours etc before. We really just want to have fun and explore a little, nothing extreme on waves etc. and obviously avoid any strong currents/tides (e.g. Dalkey sound).

    We were thinking of trying Seapoint, Sandycove, maybe White Rock in Killiney or Killiney Beach. Does any of you use SUP boards around there?

    Because of the pandemic we know these areas are very busy now (we live locally), and we were wondering if anyone has anecdotal experience of the best places to park, set up boards (we got inflatables) without getting in the way of the many walkers and swimmers who are around!

    Thanks so much, maybe we will see you around? :)