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Strengthshop IRL (Shipping from UK)

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    Anyone ordered a bar or anything of similar weight from StrengthShop UK since Brexit?

    I am wondering how much did it come to for the import customs and taxes?

    I have ordered a good lot of things from them in the past. However, I am hesitant doing so from now on.


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    I didn't actually order anything but I came close to just after Christmas. I friend of mine used them before brexit and had good experience with them but since then most stuff had gone up in price (due to vat/duty etc since brexit). In the end I used a company up the north since I would be able to get it delivered to the south without vat/duty, Powerspec is the name of the company and they were great to deal with (Ryan was the guys name). Took about 4/6 weeks start to finish. I got the stuff delivered over the weekend and just settings it up now.

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