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Guinness not being brewed anymore.. affect cans/bottles?

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    Hi folks,

    My dad is a big Guinness drinker. I reckon it's what's keeping him alive. Anyway, his 70th is approaching swiftly so the immediate family were gonna call-round (about 4 of us) and were gonna see about renting one of the 'bar hire' things, with the keg and tap that you see advertised online.

    Non-runner, though - Diageo are apparently not brewing Guinness, so kegs are impossible to find, now. Which made me wonder if anyone knows what the story is with the cans?

    Despite the pubs being closed, many a can lives it's last moments with my dad, and I'm wondering should I be out in Tesco knocking over grannies and kicking babies to panic-buy all the cans I can get my hands on?

    For example, this article mentions them stopping brewing, but it only mentions kegs. Doesn't mention any other products at all?

    Anyone got any idea at all what the craic is with the domestic-sale stuff?


  • They have stopped *kegging*. They are still brewing for cans and bottles.

    They will not resume kegging until there are pubs to sell to - the home bar market is far too small to bother with.