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Barrow river boating

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    Hi people

    Just wondering is it possible to get into the suir near Waterford city and get to Nass. Iv just got a small boat with a 25hp outboard. What’s the story with the locks and how long would it take

    Thanks for reading


  • You go down from Waterford on a falling tide and get to cheekpoint and go on the rising tide up through New Ross to St Mullins . You have to wait in St Mullins for the tide to rise enough so you can cross the Scar [ a line of rocks across the river ] and motor up to the lock in St Mullins . You are now in the canal system so need a Lock Key which is a big handle to open and close sluices on the lock gates . I am not sure what the situation is with permits or how you get to Naas as I have only ever been to Lowtown .

  • Thanks a million for your help. Would you think it doable in 12hrs Waterford to nass