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Golden Eagle HK416

  • 20-02-2021 6:04pm
    Registered Users Posts: 126 ✭✭ NickMiller

    Hey guys, this is a full metal Golden Eagle 416.

    It's a solid AEG. I bought it on in october of 2020 but I even couldn't rock this rifle for the reasons everyone knows. I bought it for make a "CAG Project" (clone rifle style) so I replaced the outer barrel for a short (I can send the original outer barrel as well). It's getting around 320fps with 0.20g. I'd recommend use heavier bb's for droping fps (to follow the airsoft rules in Ireland).

    The rifle NEVER went a game. NEVER saw the sun, rain, wind. It's brand new. I couldn't even shot 30rds with it. There's some marks on the upper receiver due the red dot/anpeq attachment.

    Comes with ACOG (4x zoom), original rear and front sight (there`s not on pictures) and foregrip.

    I'm asking €250 but I'm open to offers.
    Based in Galway.
    Cheers guys.

    Pics below.