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LC Mocks 2021

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    Can I ask what are your schools are doing for mocks this year?
    I’ve heard of some schools planning on cancelling them to allow more time for classroom instruction and finishing the course.
    Others (my school) seem more hellbent on holding them to give students who will take the exam more exam experience and to provide data for predicted/accredited grades when the time comes. The plan was to do them starting March 1st in person if we are back, or remotely if not.
    I know we have all our examcraft papers ready to go but I’m not sure what is for the best. Talking to my 6th years before midterm they really wanted to do mocks but a lot has changed since then.
    So, what are other schools doing?


  • we'll definitely be running them as there will be a few who'll be hedging their bets with sat LC exams. Also it'll give a good indication of LC for predicted grade, few new teachers who started this year + mat leave etc. so can't see how they can predict without previous teachers predicting on top of it from 5th year!!

    Examcraft will be the most leaked papers ever.