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Anyone got slurry issues?

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    Any idea if there is any real enforcement by the Department of Agriculture on farmers spreading slurry before heavy spills of rain?
    I believe the regs. state that if rain is forecast, that slurry cannot be spread as it will leach into the waterways and groundwater.
    The farmers near me don't seem to care.
    I ain't bothered by the smell as grew up on a cattle farm - just the damage to my groundwater/well.
    The dairy farms have trebled in size around me with hundreds of cows and
    there is obviously a lot more slurry to be spread.
    As well as the dairy farms, some other cattle farms are taking in pig slurry.
    The sheer volume of slurry can't be good for the groundwater.
    Is complaining to the council or department about spreading prior to rain a waste of time?
    In my opinion it is a useless reg. because in fairness to farmers, it rains every second day and they'd never get the slurry out.
    Has anyone complained about this before - not the smell - just spreading slurry prior to heay rain?

    Slurry tankers speeding by all day and night,
    Drivers on their phones always delivering *****.  
    Slurry in the water, slurry in the air,
    I even have slurry in my hair.  
    Thousands of cows in every field,
    Chewing endless grass, driving up the yield.
    Factory farms with workmen on a rota,
    Thank God for ending the quota,
    I'm ruining the environment,
    But that really doesn't matter,
    When my wallet is getting way way fatter.


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    It depends how close to your well it is spread. For any action to be taken I mean.

    One farmer spread well within the legal safety border when I lived in Kerry. Too close to the house and to the well. I called the EPA who contacted the council ( who respond quickly to EPA) who came out and measured and checked the well. ie tested the water.

    The farmer got heavily fined and they took it out of his "single farm payment" ( if that is the correct term)

    It is well worth calling EPA ( Environment Protection Agency) as they are the real experts on this kind of thing. And they listen and act if they can.

    Good luck.

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